Mathematical tour on Art

Mathematical tour on Art
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The main aim of Mathematical Tour on Art is to help students acquire mathematical thinking combing Maths to Art. We believe that Art, as a representative system, can represent mathematical relationships and can help student understand that Maths are a part of everyday life.

The idea of holding and organizing these activities begins with some initial research questions that were held by students, who were trying to answer them on all phases of these activities.
• Which is the effect of geometry on various art forms (architecture, painting, sculpture) from ancient Greece to the modern age? 
• In what ways and how the relationship between mathematics and art is manifested? 
• How and in what ways is the interpenetration between expressed math-art? 
• How can we exploit new technologies to build artistic creations with specific geometric properties? 
• How can we combine 
a) Reasons of similarity in Figures 
b) Transformations and symmetries 
c) Geometric patterns 
d) Mosaics & paving  
e) Tessellations
• How can we be inspired by the art for making artistic creations and constructions? Why does the beauty of a work of art emerge through the science of mathematics? 
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