Let's Explore the LHC Tunnel

Let's Explore the LHC Tunnel
Parent Community: CREATIONS

How can cutting edge science be made simple, fun and engaging? 
How can we explain complex scientific phenomena to our students and increase their interest in science?

In collaboration with CERN, and in the framework of the CREATIONS Project, everyday hundreds of students from all over Greece to explore the LHC interactive tunnel (http://cern.ea.gr). 

What is the mission of CERN?

What is the Higgs Boson and can we imagine a universe without it?

What really happens in a high energy particle collision?

Students along with their teachers find the answers to these and many more questions in a fun-tastic experience: They have the opportunity to play with particle collisions, kicking protons to TeV energies and observing the collision event displays, to see what is the connection of angry birds with the multiplicity of particles produced in a high energy collision, to investigate the Higgs mechanism for the generation of mass and to learn the secrets and mission of CERN in an engaging, hands-on and playful fashion.

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