Expert Community

Expert Community
Domain: Science

This community is aimed at providing information to the experts on special issues and project activities of their interest.

A brief description about this community where you can share, comment, inform, etc.

SEARCH COMMUNITY RESOURCES: Using the "Educational Content", you can share your initial ideas, wich will be updating as they are gradually developing into fuller scenarios, formulating them using the 'Lesson Plans' or 'Learning Scenarios'.

GROUPS: It is possible to create sub-groups to create new Discussions, Events and Polls based on specific interests.

ACTIVITIES: Activities organized by the members of the community are shown here.

EVENTS: The events that are organized by the members of the community, related with the community's activities or related with the tematic area of the community are presented here.

BLOGS: You can share your ideas and thougths with the rest of members of community by creating a blog.

DISCUSSIONS: Wider discussions, which go across the boundaries of the community’s activities, can be developed here.

POLLS: You can create special polls to evaluate the opinion of the community members.

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Created on: 08.09.2014
Last visited: 06.02.2023