Success for OpenDiscoverySpace at EDEN 2014!

Success for OpenDiscoverySpace at EDEN 2014!

Great showcase for OpenDiscoverySpace at the 2014 edition of internationally renowned EDEN conference organised in Zagreb form the 10th to the 13th of June!

This year’s them was ‘From Education to Employment and Meaningful Work with ICTs’, as Learning Analytics promise a huge opportunity for teachers and policy makers to discover new tools and techniques to use data effectively, to bring real changes into teaching and learning, and to transform the accountability, efficiency and relevance of school education.

The Synergy Session on the morning of the 11th was a great success! A large majority of the audience was familiar with OpenDiscoverySpace and it was even mentioned by some of the other presenters! Among the ODS-neophyte audience, the presenting ODS partners have felt great interest and appreciation for the project goals and achievements so far.

Finally, the Friday morning workshop, chaired by Brunel University partner Lampros Stergioulas addressed different aspects of the use of Learning Analytics in education. The workshop was a fantastic opportunity for ODS partners to discuss and exchange with an audience of 30+ people from primary, secondary and higher education institutions.

In addition to validation and recommendations for the use of Learning Analytics in the ODS portal, the workshop tackled issues such as needs, expectations and potential benefits from Learning Analytics, new methods of learning, the identification of barriers and challenges or the use of Learning Analytics in Impact Assessment.

Such fruitful discussions led to the underlining of further common actions and initiatives to be taken as a community or as groups of interest in the field of Learning Analytics.

On the whole a very busy schedule and very interesting discussions to lead OpenDiscoverySpace further!



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