Be meaningful to your community
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How can you and your capacities be of an added value to your community?

In a new project, learners aged 15 and 16, learn more about how to be more important to their own community. They start their project watching a film about different social organizations from their city made by older learners from the same school who have already visited these organizations and have established what their needs are. Based on these films, learners select an organization for which they want to do something. This could be a fitness center, but also a housing cooperation. Then these learners go to the organization to find out more about it. The learners think about how they can help the organization and have workshops on brainstorming, networking, budgeting etcetera which will help them get ideas and make plans. These workshops are given by entrepreneurs from outside school. During the project, the learners regularly present their plans to the organization. In this way, the organization has the opportunity to give learners feedback. At the end of the project all learners present the final product to the organizations and also to parents, teachers and fellow learners. A final product is for example: leaners have developed a website for videos for old people who have complaints about their housing. The films give the elderly people instruction about how to report, step by step, their complaints on the website of the housing cooperation. The learners have also developed a leaflet describing where and how the elderly can watch the films.

Keywords: values, respect, help, programming, maker, stem, social
Learning Objectives: values, respect, help, programming, maker, stem, social
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Језици: Dutch, Spanish
Students age group: 15 - 18
Subject domain: ICT, Engineering, Technology
# of students participating: 30-70
Updated on: 04.04.2018


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