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Interactive Music Science Collaborative Activities

Playing music, a smarter way to learn Math and Science


Problem-solving is one of the key skills for the 21st-century job market. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) teaching rely on the left half of the brain and thus is logic driven. Artistic activities, which uses the right side of the brain fosters creative problem-solving.
STEM education is necessary but it is not sufficient: Youngsters need STEAM (Science, Arts, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education to get ready for their future. iMuSciCA is a pioneering approach using music for fostering creativity and deeper learning, thereby setting new grounds in the European STEAM curricula.


Please feel free to register and join this international community for STEAM teachers and stay tuned, as more information about the project activities are about to be announced. Join us and learn more about how to prepare for the iMuSciCA Summer School, July 2018 in Marathonas, Attica, Greece.

Created on: 18.12.2017
Last visited: 16.01.2019