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Digital Media Literacy for Active Citizenship (DIMELI4AC)
This is a schools community of Ellinogermaniki Agogi
Domain: TIC

The DIMELI4AC project (http://dimeli.eu/) pioneers to develop pilot-test and evaluate a tool kit which will support schools to establish their own DIGITAL MEDIA LITERACY ACTION PLAN in order:

  • To empower young students to become responsible, critical, global citizens for the digitalised and connected world we live in, while creating blended learning opportunities to acquire digital and media literacy skills to safeguard democracy and common values.
  • To utilise the non-working time of schools in order to set up ON-LINE AND IN-HOUSE DIGITAL MEDIA LITERACY LABS and OBSERVATORIES based on SYNERGIES to be created among teachers, parents, schools, organisations, stakeholders which will endorse the CAMPAIGN and sign the MEMORANDUM OF DIMELI4AC COMMITMENT.
  • To introduce the idea of an interactive ASSESSMENT TOOL in the form of a GAME based on an AVATAR (DC-MELI) where students follow various challenges in order to be AWARDED the BADGE showing a respectful, responsible and safe use of the technology based on the digital citizenship and democratic values and critical thinking.
  • To strengthen the profiles of teachers and in doing so to upgrade the quality of teaching/ earning services provided in formal schooling.
  • To promote whole school approaches towards dealing with cross-sectoral issues.
Created on: 20.10.2020
Last visited: 16.01.2023