The Yard of Miracles
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The "Yard of Miracles" program was implemented in two consecutive five-month cycles. In the first cycle, the preparation and preparatory actions took place, while in the second we reached the results.

 The value of the program lies in the fact that the students were able to apply the theory in practice. The actions of the "yard of miracles" helped us to work on the metacognitive and reflective skills of our students. Helpers in this endeavor were:

Our school library, which had titles available on every subject, from planting and plant care to nutrition, and cleanliness. Many times students recalled what they had read in the book and compared their knowledge with reality or used it to solve the cognitive problem that arose.

EKFE KO together with which we designed we carried out many experiments

The Kos International Hippocratic Foundation together with which we carried out a variety of actions within the framework of the program

The nature of most of the actions was such that it required the students to be organized into groups, which improved the cooperation between them, the students' ability to formulate execution and the clear formulation of instructions and questions.

For the realization of the program we took advantage of the possibilities offered by our yard. Almost all his actions were implemented in our school garden, in the olive grove and in the school yard

Objectives of the program were: Each student or group of students to take care of a plant or group of plants. To produce the raw material (fruits, vegetables, herbs, aromatic plants) and through its use to know the nutritional value of a balanced Mediterranean diet. Understand the principles of home economics Get to know the customs associated with specific materials. Learn when each plant thrives. Get to know the Hippocratic herbs and plants. Recognize the importance of personal hygiene before and after preparing or consuming food.

The 5th primary school of Kos is an open and external school. We are in constant search of collaborations that will create new opportunities for our students to learn.We believe that the school garden is a modern laboratory in which our students can apply their theoretical knowledge.

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