Building Drupal modules

Title of Acitivity
Building Drupal modules
Difficulty Level: Beginner

Description of Activity

Description of Activity: 

In this Training Activity the technology developers are introduced in the technologies used during the ODS Portal development.

Pedagogical objectives

It focuses on the training of technology users on building Drupal modules and components for the ODS portal. Our aim is from the one hand to introduce users in elementary concepts of development in Drupal framework and from the other hand to present the architecture and configuration of the ODS portal in Drupal. The overall goal is to provide the foundations that will allow users to either develop their own modules or extend existing modules of the portal.


The activity starts with a short introduction to Drupal architecture, site building workflow and offered structural elements. Then the different layers of the ODS portal architecture are presented in details along with the module employed for each layer. The content organization and the procedures used to display content are also presented. Finally a short tutorial is given on Drupal module development for ODS. Real life examples from the ODS portal are also presented.

Follow Up

To follow this training activity you don't have to be an expert in drupal, but a minimum level of experience in php is mandatory.

Learners can read more in the material provided under the "Useful links".