Metadata for learning resources

Title of Acitivity
Metadata for learning resources
Difficulty Level: Beginner

Description of Activity

Description of Activity: 

In this learning module the content providers will be introduced to the concept of metadata, with a special focus on metadata to describe learning resources and in particular the IEEE LOM standard.

Pedagogical objectives

This module aims at introducing content providers to the basic concepts related to describing educational resources with metadata. In this regard, the objective is to introduce them to existing and more common metadata standards for learning resources, such as IEEE LOM and let them understand the concept of metadata application profile.

After this module, they should understand and be familiar with the concept of metadata for learning resources, know the IEEE LOM standard, value the importance and role of metadata application profiles and understand the key role of metadata in the ODS project.


The teachers will follow a presentation about the topic. A discussion will follow, including Q&A.

Follow Up

Learners can read more on metadata standards for educational resources in the links provided.

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