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Green spaces bound to cities belong to our natural heritage. These are spaces to be used and enjoyed by every citizen taking care of environment at the same time.Their biodiversity is frequently the only contact of citizens with nature and it provides really important benefits for their health.​

          The aim of this project is not only to know natural and cultural values but also to think about our present situation and encourage a respectful and compromised behaviour and attitude towards the use of these spaces being concious of the environmental cost of  human activities.


Parole chiave School garden, open school, school hub, educational innovation, seed to seed cycle gardening, active citizenship & community solidarity
Learning Objectives: Indicative objectives are the following: • to develop basic knowledge for the structure, formation and function of a(n) (organic) school garden • to recognize basic plant categories such as groceries, aromatic plants, flowers and to discern their characte
Visualizzazioni: 751
Lingue: English, Spanish
Students age group: 12 - 15
Ambito della materia: Mathematics, Science, ICT, Technology, Technology
# of students participating: 79 from Grades 12th and 15th
Updated on: 23.06.2018


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