Network for the enhancement of digital competence skills - DigiSkills

Network for the enhancement of digital competence skills - DigiSkills
Domain: Analizzando e riflettendo criticamente su ciò che le persone producono utilizzando le TIC

DigiSkills aims to bring together and further develop content, services, pedagogies and practices for lifelong learning in school/university/adult population, formulating specific scenarios of use of learning tools and platforms which will be tested with real users from eight countries (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Greece, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, and the UK), and evaluated in terms of their impact, with a particular attention to institutional as well as pedagogical innovation and change.​

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The DigiSkills community includes numerous sub-communities that have been created to support the implementation of the Best Practices in local settings. Follow the link to the networked communities on the right and explore the network of DigiSkills communities.

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Digital skills
lifelong learning
adult population

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