The 2015 Summer Academy of Inspiring Science Education has been completed successfully!

The 2015 Summer Academy of Inspiring Science Education has been completed successfully!

34 teachers and educators from all over Europe joined together in the beautiful city of Marathonas, Attiki, Greece from July 12 to July 17 2015, to participate in the training course, which comprised 8 hours of innovative lectures and demonstrations and 15 hours of hands-on workshops. 

The lectures and demonstrations were held in an auditorium equipped with a data projector and a laptop, whereas the workshops were carried out in a multimedia laboratory where each participant had direct access to a PC in order to carry out the planned exercises, as well as prepare their own educational scenarios.

Teachers were trained to appropriately select and exploit freely available existing e-Learning tools and resources in their educational scenarios that suit their own needs in terms of planning, implementing and sharing pedagogical ideas, managing their classroom and organizing the curriculum.

Furthermore, teachers were presented with innovative new technologies such as augmented reality, have conducted a virtual visit at CERN, a live connection and observation with the Faulkes Telescope and have been presented with the merits and usability of hangouts in science education.

These sessions were framed with field trips and hands-on outdoors activities that regarded innovative ways for creating links between schools, research centres and non-formal learning settings. 

In the context of their participation in the Summer Academy, participants have visited the Sanctuary of Poseidon at Cape Sounio and the Acropolis Museum.

It was a wonderful experience! Fresh ideas flourished while new technologies and methods concerning science education were presented.  Opinions, ideas and good practices were exchanged as educators and experts from all over Europe got together to advance one step further towards the common goal of creating the school of tomorrow!

The ISE Summer Academy was organized by Ellinogermaniki Agogi with support from the European Commission in the context of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). For further information visit us at:



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