TraIning teachers in competence based education:TRANSIt

TraIning teachers in competence based education:TRANSIt
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We are a community of educators from around Europe sharing and exchanging ideas, experiences and visions about competence based learning.

A few words about this space for sharing, commenting, informing:

SEARCH COMMUNITY RESOURCES: Here, we will be using the ‘Educational Content’ link to share our initial ideas, which will be updating as they are gradually developing into fuller scenarios, formulating them using the links ‘Lesson Plans’ or ‘Educational Scenarios’.

GROUPS: We are starting as a whole group, but it may turn out that some sub-groups will start forming as we work. In the ‘Groups’, box we will be creating and visiting our sub-groups. In these Groups, you can create new Discussions, post Events and organize Polls based on your specific interests.

ACTIVITIES:  Activities that are organized by the members of the Community within the Community and the Portal are presented here. Please check for information, guidelines, readings, or visit to discuss and make comments.

EVENTSThe events that are organized related with the activities and/or the thematic area of the Community and might be of its member’s interest. Feel free to initiate, discuss, share!

BLOGS: Why not share your thoughts and feelings with the rest of the community? Just create your blog and post your comments! 

DISCUSSIONS: Wider discussions, which go across the boundaries of the Community’s activities, can be developed here. For example, here we can discuss central concepts of our work, such as 'creativity', ‘competences’, ‘learning’... Again, feel free to initiate, discuss, share!

POLLS: Here you can assess the opinion and the reaction of the Community’s members by creating special Polls.

Overall, let’s be active in this community. There are so many places in here where you can create your own postings, leave a thoughtful comment, show you ‘Like’ something, make and follow ‘Friends’, share on the popular social media.

More information about TRANSIt is available here:


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