Digital Competence Academy

The Digital Competence Academy raises teachers' digital competence by developing skills in using computers to retrieve, assess, store, produce and exchange digital learning resources. To this end trainees are engaged in learning to learn activities through the development of a training scheme that improves the uptake, sharing and reuse of digital learning resources in schools. Through the training teachers participate in a series of activities using digital content in foreign languages to improve their communication skills in foreign languages.

Cours disponibles


These modules are aimed only at the Expert level of ICT. They are technical and introduce tools that need advanced technical skills.

Training Activities: 4



2014.07.13 - 2014.07.18
2014.04.25 - 2014.05.10

20-hour training course for in-service teachers from primary school on how to use inquiry-based learning to foster student transversal competencies

2013.11.13 - 2013.11.14

How to adapt the Open Discovery Space approach in different countries - this is one of the key challenges in the project.

2013.10.19 - 2013.10.21

SYNERGY workshop is targetting the following specific themes: