1.3 Sharing resources

Title of Acitivity
1.3 Sharing resources
Difficulty Level: All

Description of Activity

Description of Activity: 


When you have created or adapted an educational resource, we recommend that you share it with other users of the ODS portal. When uploading your resource, you will be asked to update or define the metadata. Once the resource is stored in the ODS portal, you may want to inform others about it, including the author of the original resource (if you adapted one). General guidelines for these activities are presented below.

1. Upload the resource
In order to share the resource you have created or adapted, you need to upload is first to the ODS portal. To upload a resource to the Portal you have first to be a member of an ODS Community. Read more

2. Specify the metadata
Metadata is the technical term for information that describes the characteristics of an educational resource. In searching, this information is used by the ODS portal to decide which resources match the query, and by portal users to decide on the appropriateness of the resource. Read more

3. Notify others
Your resource may be located by searching the ODS portal, but the chance of usage increases when you announce it to members of your ODS community. In case you have adapted an existing resource, notifying the author(s) of the original resource is a nice gesture. Read more