ODS Workshop @ EDEN 2014 Annual Conference

ODS Workshop @ EDEN 2014 Annual Conference

In June 2014 a group of experts representing the ODS project aims to join forces with you and your peers in Zagreb at the EDEN 2014 Annual Conference and deliver a 90 minute interactive workshop. In the frame of the workshop you are invited to participate in a moderated discussion about the challenges in School Analytics

Learning Analytics promises a huge opportunity for teachers and decision/policy makers to explore new tools and techniques to use data effectively, to bring real changes in teaching and learning, and to transform the accountability, efficiency, and relevance of school education

Nowadays some analytics tools are ubiquitous in schools providing teachers with charts, graphs, and other data representations that help them see how their students are performing and how students interact with one another in web-based learning environments to help the teacher determine how to engage their students online. Emerging tools and technologies for learning analytics aim to capture a significant amounts of “learning resource usage” data from socially powered platforms to enable teachers to measure and analyse a number of relevant variables, such as time spent on a resource, frequency of posting, and number of logins, and other variables which determine performance etc. 

This empowers teachers to assess progress and focus on individual students, including progress summary, daily activity report, class goals report, progress report, student activity report, etc. Teachers can also be supported in how to personalise learning for students in need for more help in specific areas. New visualisation tools and processes can play a significant role in improving administration/management, research, teaching and learning, and resource provision in school education. Thus Analytics may enable schools to measure their operational performance, and improve the effectiveness of operations, including learning and teaching processes, learners’ assessment processes, admission management and drop-out prevention, and resource management. 

See further details about the conference here.



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