Open Discovery Space Supports Coding in Schools

Open Discovery Space Supports Coding in Schools

Numerous ODS schools were involved in the code week! Greece is presenting the higher numbers this year.

If you have ever visited Open Discovery Space, you already know that ODS is a place where teachers hang out and talk about teaching with other teachers. It is a place where teachers can find great ideas and activities to do with their class. Teachers can find activities to participate in and engage with other schools across Europe and all around the world. You can even sometimes run into parents who, having had a taste of the power of ODS, are looking for the next great tool or resource for their children.

This article is dedicated to those anxious, passionate Computer Scientists who are looking for ways to teach their children coding skills. We won’t linger on, describing the benefits of teaching programming to kids, nor bore you with examples of whiz kids or even present research on the skill-shift in the 21st century.

We are just going to point out what you need...

Without further delay, here are three ODS tools that can help YOU teach coding NOW:


Easy Java Simulations Inquiry Based Learning in STEM Disciplines is the 3rd largest ODS teachers community in ODS, with 165 members focusing onintroducing easy java simulations in classrooms. Starting with training teachers is progressing step by step towards offering students the opportunity to set up coding projects with java. ODS is harvesting prototype simulations from Easy Java Simulations and the communities work on producing inquiry model-based lesson plans and scenarios.


Here are a series of instructional scenarios to teach primary and high school students the basic principles of coding, problem solving and algorithms in the field of automation and educational robotics The teaching scenarios use Scratch as an educational coding environment and Prezi as a presentation platform (only one of the several delivery channels we are using to present lessons and activities).


There also numerous resources to be found on the ODS portal, about Scratch, Logo, LEGO etc. in many different languages and in the context of theInspiring Science Education framework, ODS will organize an International Training course on Educational Robotics (see here for more information).

We hope you will find these resources useful and make great use of them, whether in your classroom or at home. If you need help or have questions we kindly invite you to join Open Discovery Space and post your comments on the forums.

- The ODS Team -

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