Star in a Box

Star in a Box
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Domain: Science
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Star In A Box offers a lesson plan for 1 or 2 hour sessions centered around the highly interactive Star In A Box application. This App simulates the evolutionary stages of stars of various masses. It is possible for students to follow changes in Temperature, Pressure and Size for various stars. Sample questions of various difficulties are provided. 

In this framework students will learn about the way stars are detected from Earth, about types of stars (ie various mass) and about how this affects their lifecycles as well as learning about stellar evolution using the Hertzsprung-Russel Diagram.

This lesson plan aims to support Physics and Astronomy qualifications, at 14-16 and 16-18.

Link to the introductory demonstrator - in which students are introduced to the Hertzsprung-Russel diagram, including with Star in a Box.

Link to the advanced demonstrator - in which students can investigate the data from Star in a Box in more detail, using Excel or Logger Pro

Link to Stars as Black Bodies (A-level only)

Curriculum links: Astronomy and Astrophysics; The Sun and Stars; Classification of Stars; Waves and the Universe; Origin of the Chemical Elements; Nuclear Energy (fission & fusion); Using Radiation to Investigate Stars; Numeracy & Digital Literacy

A-level Astronomy; A-level Physics; GCSE Physics; Evolution of Stars; Hertsprung-Russel Diagram; Nuclear Fusion; Nuclear Fission
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