EMPLOY: Design Your Future Employability

EMPLOY: Design Your Future Employability
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EMPLOY focuses attention on preparing jobseekers and graduates to stand out from the rest by recognising and addressing the personal competences the modern worker needs in a changing work environment; the 21st century workplace or employer demands technical and procedural skills but the decisive factor when choosing an employee are the personal competences he/she brings to the job.

Using findings from existing research and the survey carried out in ITALY, the NETHERLANDS, POLAND, SPAIN, TURKEY and the UK as to the key competences universally required, the EMPLOY partners will create a Methodology based on DESIGN THINKING principles and LIFE Skills, adding creative activities to enable targets to plan, practice and present a confident and practical competence portfolio to future employers in their local area or overseas. A training workshop will be available for all training staff or agents who wish to implement the Methodology.

As a collateral part of the project, research will be carried out on the credit allocation systems in VET in each partner country. Attempts will be made to allocate EQF type credits to competences gained in the future project programme, further promoting the capacity of competing for jobs internationally.

All info about the project is available at http://www.employ-project.com/

Project Coordinator

Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri | Spain | www.txorierri.net

Project Partners

Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri | Spain | www.txorierri.net
Norton Radstock College | UnitedKingdom | www.nortcoll.ac.uk
Landstede | Netherlands | www.landstede.nl
Happy Kids / Mutlu Birey | Turkey | www.mutlubirey.org
Science and Technology Park of Bizkaia | Spain | www.parque-tecnologico.net
CSCS – Centro Servizi "Cultura Sviluppo" | Italy | www.cscs.it
Centre for Continuing Education in SOPOT | Poland | www.cscs.it
European Forum for Technical and Vocational Training | UnitedKingdom | www.efvet.org

Contact Person

Cherith Megaw cherithmegaw@gmail.com | Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri
Target Groups: 
policy makers
secondary school students
trainee teachers
university students
vocational school students
youth clubs

The Pilot of the Toolkit in Politeknika Txorierri has just finished with the successful creation of new competence portfolios ...

The EMPLOY Pilot programme has just ended at Politeknika Txorierri. A group of  students and three jobseekers have participated in a series of workshops together since November and have completed the programme which included identifying, developing and presenting the transversal competences most demanded in companies nowadays. Participants at Txorierri worked on seven competences from the Toolkit and have created a portfolio with practical examples of their competences  which they can use in future job interviews to compete better and more confidently for the job they want.    

Participants feel that such support and preparation in competences through dynamic activities and reflections has been really useful and given them confidence for the competitive job market that lies ahead.