Teachers Academy

Teachers Academy

Welcome to Teachers Academy! This training framework is targeted to both non-technically oriented teachers as well as to IT-coordinators.

The modules are self-contained for flexibility and offer individual learning paths, to take into account different levels of ICT competence and experience with metadata and repositories. Some modules assume little experience with ICT and provide a general practical introduction, others build on previous knowledge.

In response to needs for training on specific applications and tools, there are modules covering the most frequently mentioned products. One or two modules aim to showcase good examples of practice to ensure that the pedagogical value of the training is to the forefront and to motivate teachers to apply their training in sustained and effective day to day practice. The following table shows how the modules fit into the framework and the needs addressed. Different ways to interconnect these modules are possible.

Learn how to use innovative ICT applications

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The aim of the Inspiring Science EducatioAcademy is to support the modernisation of Science education and training, including in curricula, assessment of learning outcomes and the professional... read more +

Independent Communities for Music Collaboration Open Workshop   The idea of "Sympraxis" If Music is an act of performance in which many musicians collaborate together in order to create it ("... read more +

This is the teachers' training academy of the Democracy through Drama Erasmus+ project Drama in Education (DiE) is a pedagogical process that seeks to balance both the form and content of drama.... read more +

Welcome to the Training Academy of The Enquiring Classroom project. Recall that the Enquiring Classroom project seeks to develop strategies to support teachers and students in engaging in difficult... read more +

In the course of this module you will familiarize yourself with the principles of Universal Design for learning and learn to implement them in your daily teaching practice.

The Digital Competence Academy raises teachers' digital competence by developing skills in using computers to retrieve, assess, store, produce and exchange digital learning resources. To this end... read more +

Welcome to SimAULA! SimAULA is a tool for teachers or teachers-to-be to practice their teaching and classroom management skills within a fun and safe educational game environment. Scenarios in... read more +

Do you have a vision of your school as a modern institution that makes use of all the latest developments in pedagogy and  educational technology?  Are you willing to go the extra mile to build a... read more +


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20-hour training course for in-service teachers from primary school on how to use inquiry-based learning to foster student transversal competencies

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How to adapt the Open Discovery Space approach in different countries - this is one of the key challenges in the project.

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SYNERGY workshop is targetting the following specific themes: