Great work by ODS teachers in Greece

Great work by ODS teachers in Greece

ODS educational scenarios in the field of Physical Education (PE) have received official recognition and certification by the Greek Ministry of Education. Last July (2015), Ellinogermaniki Agogi and the Regional Office of Secondary Education of Eastern Attica organised a Summer Teacher Training Course that offered PE teachers the opportunity to attain knowledge and experience in a number of PE related fields. The School was hosted by Open Discovery Space (ODS). Twenty (20) PE teachers won ODS scholarships in the Open Discovery Space Educational Scenario Contest “The Science of Olympic Sports”. During the week-long training, participants devoted time in fine-tuning their scenarios. Nine (9) of these scenarios have been officially certified by the Institute for Educational Policy in Greece (IEP) and are now available in IEP’s Advanced Electronic Scenarios Operating Platform ( for use and adaptation by the Geek teaching community.  



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