Mixing and Matching Metadata Schemas

Title of Acitivity
Mixing and Matching Metadata Schemas
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Description of Activity

Description of Activity: 

In this learning module the content providers will know how to assess metadata conformance from any metadata format to the ODS application profile, including external tools, such as the ARIADNE validation service. The concept of transformation file (XSLT), that allows transformation from a metadata format to another will be also part of this module, where the MINT tool will be used as an example of useful software for the task.

Pedagogical objectives

This module aims at introducing the concept of conformance to content providers, as well as the necessary tools to achieve alignment in the ODS project, where many metadata records must be transformed from their original format to ODS-compliant metadata according to the ODS metadata application profile.

After this module, learners should be able to validate the conformance of a given metadata record or schema against the ODS application profile, use the Ariadne validation services and other integration tools, transform metadata using XSL transformation files (XSLT).


The teachers will follow a presentation about conformance, XSLT files and alignment tools. To continue, they will be encouraged to use an alignment tool (similar to MINT) to put into practice the transformation of metadata
records conformant to one standard to the ODS-AP through the creation of an ad-hoc XSLT file.

Follow Up

Learners are encouraged to read the wiki in the MINT tool website to learn more on how to produce XSLT files to align metadata in the context of the Europeana project.