Metadata Ingestion in ODS

Title of Acitivity
Metadata Ingestion in ODS
Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Description of Activity

Description of Activity: 

In this learning module the content providers will be presented with the basics of metadata harvesting. The most common protocols and technologies will be explored and foundations on how a harvesting-based population federation works will be given. Special attention will be paid to the concept of harvesting, the role of harvesting and OAI-PMH in ODS, and to the implementation of learning objects collections through an OAI-PMH endpoint.

Pedagogical objectives

This module aims at introducing the concept of harvesting as well as the protocols and technologies related to harvesting in ODS. After this module, learners will understand and be familiar with metadata harvesting basics, they will know and be able to implement the OAI-PMH protocol in their repositories and will be able to implement and make public their collections through an OAI-PMH endpoint.


Content providers will follow a presentation about all the topics in the module: harvesting, federations of repositories and OAI-PMH.

Follow Up

Learners are encouraged to read the OAI-PMH protocol specification, as well as related ODS deliverables such as D7.3 and D4.1