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  1. Alleviating malnutrition in communities

  2. Investigating Organic Agriculture In A Global Perspective

  3. Development of Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy to Estimate Oil Content in Safflower

  4. Aggregate strength and mechanical behaviour of a sandy loam soil under long-term fertilization treatments

  5. Access to and control over land from a gender perspective: A study contucted in the Volta region of Ghana

  6. Globalization and food and nutrition security in the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus

  7. The use of homeopathic nosodes in the prevention of mastitis in organic dairy herds (OF0186)

  8. Livestock geography and land use

  9. Organic Farms In The EU: Status Quo, Development Strategies And Policy Impacts On Selected Arable And Dairy Farms

  10. The comparison of nitrogen use and leaching in sole cropped versus intercropped pea and barley