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  1. Labelling foods to improve nutrition in the United States

  2. What Makes Organic Agriculture Move - Protest, Meaning Or Market? A Polyocular Approach To The Dynamics And Governance Of Organic Agriculture

  3. Organic Livestock Production Systems And Appropriate Development In Relation To Public Expectations

  4. Constellations of public organic food procurement for youth. An interdisciplinary analytical tool

  5. Soil quality aspects of humid sandy loams as influenced by organic and conventional long-term management

  6. Food, nutrition and agriculture

  7. Assessing the sustainability of a stockless arable rotation (OF0318)

  8. Towards Sustainable Management and Development of Tropical Secondary Forests in Anglophone Africa: The Nairobi Proposal for Action

  9. Seed production by smallholder farmers

  10. The international community's commitment to combating micronutrient deficiencies