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  1. The character of demand in mature organic food markets: Great Britain and Denmark compared

  2. Urban Areas - Rural Areas And Recycling - The Organic Way Forward? Proceedings From NJF-seminar No. 327. Copenhagen, Denmark 20-21 August 2001

  3. Leaf stripe resistance of spring barley cultivars

  4. Special Report D.P.R Korea- October 2003

  5. Commitee on Commodity Problems - 63rd Session: New and Emerging Issues Affecting Commodity Markets

  6. Improving nutrition behaviour through social marketing

  7. Nature Management And Livelihood Strategies On Danish Organic Farms

  8. Overcoming constraints to the efficient utilization of agricultural by-products as animal feed

  9. Diet, Nutrition and the Prevention of Chronic Diseases

  10. Antifungal activity of phenolic compounds extracted from dried olive pomace