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  1. Developing Institutions and Options for Livelihood Adaptation to Climate Variability and Change in Drought-prone Areas of Bangladesh - Developing institutions and options

  2. Identification of organically farmed Atlantic salmon by analysis of stable isotopes and fatty acids

  3. Development of Near-Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy to Estimate Oil Content in Safflower

  4. The use of homeopathic nosodes in the prevention of mastitis in organic dairy herds (OF0186)

  5. The comparison of nitrogen use and leaching in sole cropped versus intercropped pea and barley

  6. Leaf stripe resistance of spring barley cultivars

  7. Antifungal activity of phenolic compounds extracted from dried olive pomace

  8. Interspecific competition, N use and interference with weeds in pea-barley intercropping

  9. The Control of Stem Blight and the Spread of Potato Late Blight by Copper Seed Treatment

  10. Constellations of public organic food procurement for youth. An interdisciplinary analytical tool