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  1. Patterns Of Resource Use On Danish Organic Farms - Aspects Of Farm Based Rural Development

  2. Organic Aquaculture – The Link Between Sustainable Production And Superior Products

  3. Generating Governance Capacity In Infant Industries: The Development Of Organic Farming In Denmark And Australia

  4. Organic Farms In The EU: Status Quo, Development Strategies And Policy Impacts On Selected Arable And Dairy Farms

  5. Wheat Populations: Parental Performance And Stability In Organic And Non-organic Environments

  6. Understanding Earth's Energy Sources

  7. Organic Livestock Production Systems And Appropriate Development In Relation To Public Expectations

  8. Organic Farming In Europe - Growth, Policy Support And Future Potential

  9. In Principle and In Practice

  10. Infusion pasteurization of milk: Influence on the viscosity and casein micelle size