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  1. Leaf stripe resistance of spring barley cultivars

  2. Antifungal activity of phenolic compounds extracted from dried olive pomace

  3. The Control of Stem Blight and the Spread of Potato Late Blight by Copper Seed Treatment

  4. Assessing the sustainability of a stockless arable rotation (OF0318)

  5. An assessment of nitrogen fixation in 'organically managed' spring-sown lupins and leaching under a following winter cereal

  6. The K-trial. A 33-years study of the connections between manuring, soils and crops

  7. Quality Assessment of Summer and Autumn Carrots from a Biodynamic Breeding Project and Correlations of Physico-Chemical Parameters and Features Determined by Picture Forming Methods

  8. Development of the FBC model to estimate the nitrogen available from fertility -building crops in organic rotations

  9. Influence of soil type and pH on the colonisation of sugar beet seedlings by antagonistic Pseudomonas and Bacillus strains, and on their control of Pythium damping-off

  10. Composition of variety mixtures in barley and wheat