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  1. The comparison of nitrogen use and leaching in sole cropped versus intercropped pea and barley

  2. Interspecific competition, N use and interference with weeds in pea-barley intercropping

  3. Screening of winter barley varieties (Hordeum vulgare) for resistance against loose smut (Ustilago nuda) and covered smut (Ustilago hordei) in Germany

  4. Composition of variety mixtures in barley and wheat

  5. Effect Of Barley-Legume Intercrop And Major Nutrients On Disease Frequency In An Organic Farming System

  6. Biology and Control of the Corn Leaf Aphid With Special Reference to the Southwestern States

  7. Results on smut resistance of winter barley varieties published

  8. Impact of compost use on crop yields in Tigray, Ethiopia

  9. Composition of variety mixtures in barley and wheat

  10. Resistant barley varieties may facilitate control of Ramularia leaf spot