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  1. Investigating Organic Agriculture In A Global Perspective

  2. Access to and control over land from a gender perspective: A study contucted in the Volta region of Ghana

  3. Organic Farms In The EU: Status Quo, Development Strategies And Policy Impacts On Selected Arable And Dairy Farms

  4. Urban Areas - Rural Areas And Recycling - The Organic Way Forward? Proceedings From NJF-seminar No. 327. Copenhagen, Denmark 20-21 August 2001

  5. Nature Management And Livelihood Strategies On Danish Organic Farms

  6. Towards an Indian Common Market: Removal Of Restrictions on Internal Trade in Agriculture Commodities

  7. New Zealand Total Diet Survey

  8. Globalization of food systems in developing countries: impact on food security and nutrition

  9. Twenty-Fourth FAO Regional Conference For Europe

  10. Indicators Of Biodiversity And Conservational Wildlife Quality On Danish Organic Farms For Use In Farm Management. A Multidisciplinary Approach To Indicator Development And Testing