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  1. Aggregate strength and mechanical behaviour of a sandy loam soil under long-term fertilization treatments

  2. Globalization and food and nutrition security in the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Belarus

  3. The comparison of nitrogen use and leaching in sole cropped versus intercropped pea and barley

  4. Diet, Nutrition and the Prevention of Chronic Diseases

  5. Interspecific competition, N use and interference with weeds in pea-barley intercropping

  6. Analysis of food consumption behavior by Japanese households

  7. The Ecosystem Approach To Fisheries

  8. Soil quality aspects of humid sandy loams as influenced by organic and conventional long-term management

  9. Towards Sustainable Management and Development of Tropical Secondary Forests in Anglophone Africa: The Nairobi Proposal for Action

  10. Tensile strength of soil cores in relation to aggregate strength, soil fragmentation and pore characteristics