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  1. Durability Of Externally Bonded FRP Systems For The Strengthening Of Existing St ructures

  2. Artificial Weathering Of Building Components - Experimental Results On External Walls

  3. Opportunity for using recycled aggregates in reinforced concrete: carbonation st udy

  4. Durability And Life Cycle Aspects On Bio-Fibre Composite Materials

  5. Design Decisions For Durable Roofing

  6. Modifying Factors Of A Method For Estimating Service Life

  7. Performance Evaluation Of Photocatalyst Coating Systems Under Outdoor Exposure C ondition

  8. An Integrated Approach To Durability Assessment Throughout The Construction Proc urement

  9. Predicting Current Serviceability And Residual Service Life Of Plywood Roof Sheathing Using Kinetics-Based Models

  10. Failure Mode Effect and Criticality Analysis for decision aid at design and exploitation stages