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  1. x-ray attenuation technique for the analysis of moisture flow in porous building materials

  2. Influence on energy efficiency due to airflow through crack distributions and porous insulation materials in building envelopes

  3. Measuring and simulating moisture uptake in fractured porous building materials

  4. Long-term leaching of environmentally hazardous substances in admixtures, emitted from concrete

  5. A laboratory study of the efficiency of a hydrophobic treatment of. cracked porous building materials

  6. General Methodology Of Test Procedures For Assessment Of Durability And Service Life

  7. Material And Energy Use In Buildings

  8. CIB Performance Based Building (PeBBu)- Thematic Network

  9. Sorption processes and moisture deformations in building materials

  10. Determination of thermal parameters of the composite building materials solid ph ase