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  1. Biohygrothermisches Verfahren zur Vorhersage des Schimmelpilzwachstums und seine Anwendung in der Praxis

  2. Mould fungus and evaluation categories with regard to health hazards

  3. Moisture removal properties of a half-timbered wall in the case of damage

  4. Current developments in dampproofing by means of hygrothermal modelling

  5. Nubs on the roof! Nubbed sheeting make gable roofs dry out well

  6. Biological vegetation on the exterior facade - is an inwardly growing something to worry about?

  7. Formation of mould fungus and ventilation

  8. Greater air-tightness by bonding the overlaps of roof undersheet layers

  9. Methodical, technical and crafting instruments against damage caused by moisture

  10. Interior building materials as a source of pollution? - Initial measurement results -