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  1. KeyToNature / DryadesAn interactive guide to the woody plants

  2. KeyToNature / DryadesGuida interattiva ad alberi, arbusti e liane

  3. The scope of organic agriculture, sustainable forest management and ecoforestry in protected area management

  4. New methodology to design, test and improve organic agroecosystem prototyping under Mediterranean conditions. Case study: application to a pilot farm in the South of Italy

  5. Consumption Of Organic Foods From A Life History Perspective: An Explorative Study Among Italian Consumers

  6. Performance of grain legume crops in organic farms of central Italy

  7. Providing organic school food for youths in Europe - Policy strategies, certification and supply chain management in Denmark, Finland, Italy and Norway

  8. Values of organic producers converting at different times: Results of a focus group study in five European countries

  9. A Comparative Analysis of Organic and Conventional Farming trough the Italian FADN

  10. Empowering the young in an ageing society: Selene Biffi of Youth Action for Change