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  1. Tomatoes

  2. ToL: Tree of Life

  3. Small-scale forestry

  4. State Of The World's Forests (SOFO) 2003

  5. Livestock Water Needs In Pastoral Africa In Relation To Climate And Forage

  6. Education for Rural People: What have we learned?

  7. Developing Institutions and Options for Livelihood Adaptation to Climate Variability and Change in Drought-prone Areas of Bangladesh - Developing institutions and options

  8. Policy Assistance Series 1/2 : Rapid growth of selected Asian economies. Lessons and implications for agriculture and food security: China and India

  9. Decentralized rural development and the role of self help organizations

  10. The Hungarian People's Republic - Evaluation Of The Water Recycling Fish Rearing Plant At The Fish Culture Research Institute, Szarvas, Hungary