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  1. SARD Initiative Good Practices Database - Africa

  2. Separating mixtures of normal distributions: basic programs for Bhattacharya's method and their applications to fish population analysis - BOBP/MAG/4

  3. Intensification of freshwater fish culture and training project, India - Establishing diagnostic work and research on (freshwater) fish diseases and fish health monitoring at FARTC (Freshwater Aquaculture Research and Training Centre) (CIFRI), Dhauli

  4. World agriculture : towards 2015/2030 : an FAO perspective

  5. The Ecosystem Approach To Fisheries

  6. Nepal - Integrated fishery and fish culture development: Bhairawa Fishery Development Centre. A report prepared for the integrated fishery and fish culture development project

  7. Report to the government of Nepal on inland fishery biology

  8. Selected Indicators of Food and Agriculture Development in Asia-Pacific Region 1992-2002

  9. Management of Fisheries and Aquaculture

  10. Australian Fisheries Management Authority : AFMA