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  1. Experiments With Trichogramma Minutum Riley As a Control of the Sugarcane Borer in Louisiana

  2. Biology and Control of the Corn Leaf Aphid With Special Reference to the Southwestern States

  3. The Hessian Fly in California

  4. The Western Grass-Stem Sawfly: A Pest Of Small Grains

  5. Evaluation of Baits and Bait Ingredients Used in Grasshopper Control

  6. Termites

  7. Parasites Of The Pink Bollworm In Hawaii

  8. The Citrus Rust Mite And Its Control

  9. Field Guide/Manual on the Identification and Management of Poplar Pests and Diseases in the Area of the "Three North 009 Project"

  10. Further Investigations of the Parasites of Popillia Japonica in the Far East