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  1. Measurement Of Evaporation From Land And Water Surfaces

  2. The Comparative Moisture-Absorbing And Moisture-Retaining Capacities Of Peat And Soil Mixtures

  3. The Western Grass-Stem Sawfly: A Pest Of Small Grains

  4. The Chemotropic Responses Of The House Fly, The Green-Bottle Flies And The Black Blowfly

  5. Livestock Water Needs In Pastoral Africa In Relation To Climate And Forage

  6. Resistance Of Sorghums To The Chinch Bug

  7. Life History And Habits Of The Plum Curculio In The Georgia Peach Belt

  8. Parasites Of The Pink Bollworm In Hawaii

  9. The Composition And Constitution Of The Colloids Of Certain Of The Great Groups Of Soils

  10. The Citrus Rust Mite And Its Control