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  1. Decentralized rural development and the role of self help organizations

  2. Patterns Of Resource Use On Danish Organic Farms - Aspects Of Farm Based Rural Development

  3. Organic Farming In The European Union – Overview, Policies And Perspectives

  4. SEAGA Macro Level Handbook - Gender analysis in macroeconomic and agricultural sector policies and programmes

  5. Land reform (Land settlement and cooperatives)

  6. Westernization of Asian diets and the transformation of food systems: Implications for research and policy

  7. Organic farm incomes in England and Wales 1999/00 and 2000/01

  8. Participatory policy reform from a sustainable livelihoods perspective: review of concepts and practical experiences

  9. Organic farm incomes in England and Wales 1998/99

  10. Benefits of Organic Agriculture as a Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Strategy in Developing Countries