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Lesson Plan
Let's Learn English together!
Last updated 09/06/2015, by Georgeta Namolovan
Domain: Special Educational Needs>Visual impairment>Communication modes, ICT>Digital Products>E-book readers & other gadgets
Learning objectivesCognitive - Knowledge:
Factual: Awareness to the own needs of the blind or visually unpaired students
Conceptual: Acquisition of IT skills that can come in as a support for the integration of blind or visually unpaired students
Cognitive - Process:
To apply: Increasing the involvement and cooperation between parents, between parents and children and between parents and teachers
To form and follow a system of values: Encourage parents to participate in the development of educational materials that will be used by all members of the school community
To perform independently, skillfully and precisely
Grade & Age11 -15 year-old students
Keywords/subjectAccess Technologies; JAWS screen reader;ZoomText Magnifier; Daisy file; Amis Daisy software; RoboBraille software
TitleLet's Learn English together!
Author(s)Name: Namolovan Georgeta Organization: School for Blind and Visually Unpaired Children, Bucharest Role: Head of Service for Educational Technologies; Teachers' Continuous Professional Development Coordinator; Head of Educational Dep
Description/ main idea

The main idea of the lesson is to initiate blind or visually unpaired students together with their parents in turning a file (named here, Panda Bear) into a Daisy file through using of free software AMIS DAISY; the lesson goes on with another application by making a new Daisy file (named here, Humming birds - unformatted) through using of newest free software for blinds - ROBOBRAILLE and ends up with expected results by creating a resource base for English Daisy in the school library.

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