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Learning Scenario
Eco-friendly island
Last updated 16/02/2015, by Kristiina Rattasepp
Domain: Science>Geography and Earth Science>Geography>Climate
Learning objectivesCognitive - Knowledge:
Meta – cognitive
Cognitive - Process:
To remember
To understand
To apply
To think critically and creatively
To pay attention
To organize values
To form and follow a system of values
To perform confidentially following instructions
To adapt and perform creatively
Grade & Age8th grade, 13 – 14 years old
Keywords/subjectActing eco-friendly, gas emissions , households, greenhouse effect
TitleEco-friendly island
Author(s)Name: Irina Vasiljeva Organization: Rinuzu Secondary School Role: teacher
Name: Violetta Liepina Organization: Rinuzu Secondary School Role: teacher
Description/ main idea

Human impact on the environment is a topical issue. Climate change caused by human activities has become a pressing problem. Geography lessons include standard education about the environment and interactive teaching methods using modern information technology. The lessons are set up to test and develop students' skills and knowledge of the effects of climate change and show the choices each person can make to reduce the negative impact on the environment. This is done by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and better understanding of the use of natural resources. A concept of a green island is used to understand the factors that affect the environment.

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