Can we link countries in a Live Interactive audiovisual music concert?

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Poll Dates: 
2013.07.05 to 2014.12.31

Distance learning Music Agoge project was the first project to address this chalenge. The experience gained day by day builds the foundation for the future development of a live & interactive network of remote web-channels available to the world of music-education in Europe.

Please consult the description of the project and this address before answering the poll.

Yes, though it's difficult, I believe it is possible
100% (2 votes)
No, it is too difficult to be possible for now
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 2
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Ας Μοιραστούμε Τη Μουσική - Ας ενώσουμε τον Κόσμο / Let Us Share The Music - Let Us Link The World