Sustainable development guide for protection of the enviroment

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Nowdays many data mention that our planet is on risk.

You are constantly surrounded by many different things on this planet earth. Most of the time, we take all these for granted. Your surroundings, be it living or non-living, the geographical area where you live etc. constitute your environment.

Do you think there is a need to protect the environment? Have you ever given thought to the aftereffects that will plague for not addressing the environmental issues on time? Let us analyse in brief the various environmental issues that are plaguing our current world as well as the harmful effects of these issues on the human population.

Some of our present challenges:

  • Via the following texts you can learn more about the challenges we´re facing.

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In science, it’s all about the data. The data tells the story, and conclusions are constrained by the careful scientific analysis of data. When scientists reach consensus about conclusions drawn from data, it is the result of years of exploration, analysis, and argument. Scientists are skeptical by nature.

  • Can you search and explain through evidence that Earth's key climate indicators are changing over time?

  • What are Environmental Issues?

The world is going to end tomorrow’. Suprised? What if this is true? Maybe not today, but someday and unfortunately, this isn’t something one can simply joke about. Since the rate at which global warming is increasing, there’s no surprise this could actually happen in the near future. And we, humans, are responsible for all of these environmental effects. But is this the only cause we’re responsible for or are there others?

Current models predict that, although future regional climate changes will be complex and varied, average global temperatures will continue to rise. The outcomes predicted by global climate models strongly depend on the amounts of human-generated greenhouse gases added to the atmosphere each year and by the ways in which these gases are absorbed by the ocean and biosphere.

Changes in the atmosphere due to human activity have increased carbon dioxide concentrations and thus affect climate.

Starting by investigation the causes and consequenses the global enviromental problem of " Climate Change" we focus to prepare a Sustainable Development Guide for our society!

Take under consideration the evolution of climate change.


As you could mention  it contains more and more areas of our surounding.

Students will examine different lines of evidence and form conclusions based on their analysis of data.  Students will work in groups to analyze their data, and then prepare statements summarizing their conclusions and connecting them to their data. The students will then communicate their conclusions and their arguments supporting their conclusions with the class focus on suisustainable goals for your society.