Space Sciences: To the Moon!
Hosted by OSOS, contributed by Στυλιανή Σιούλη on 08/10/2019

Inquiry based learning by the pupils on the Israeli mission to the moon, through the story of SpaceIL. SpaceIL is the only Israeli team participating in the international Google Lunar XPRIZE competition: a modern race to the Moon. 


The pupils will learn about the mission, its history and its challenges. Through this they will learn in general about what it takes to conduct a space mission, what are challenges in navigating to the moon and making a safe landing on it, as well as what are the ethical questions in a mission like this. 

The pupils will follow the spacecraft from its launch from (planned for December 2018) Cape Canarveral in Florida to its landing (planned for February 2019) on the surface of the moon. 


In this adventure, SpaceIL is aiming to create a new "Apollo Effect" - names after the historical American missions to the moon. The goal is to inspire the next generation in Israel and around the world to choose to study science, technology, engineering and mathematicsa (STEM). This is a tremendous contribution to the community, as Israel faces a severe need for more scientists and engineeris. 

The pupils will have opportunity to study the different aspects of such a mission through inquiery based learning. During that process they are to decide what they need to study – in working groups and with their teacher. Thus the solutions that will be achieved and the subjects that would have eventually been studied can take many directions. They will have assistance from the professinal staff of SpaceIL. 






Participate in round tables and working with the pupils on the ethical issues raised during the year.

Academic Lecturers

Mentoring in a Hackathon event, and lectures by researchers and experts from the academy on relevant topics. 

Space industry

Mentoring in a Hackathon event and lectures on relevant subjects.


Representatives from the department of education in the municipality will take part in the events.

Keywords: space, hackathon, inquiry based learning, moon, spacecraft, space mission, moon landing
Learning Objectives: Learning scientific curricular scientific topics in a new engaging way, Understanding basic astronomy concepts, Enhancement of self-esteem & leadership skills, Getting to know the Israeli mission to the moon
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Languages: English
Students age group: 12 - 15
Subject domain: Mathematics, Science, Engineering, Technology
# of students participating: 400
Updated on: 08.10.2019


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