Natural Disasters
Hosted by OSOS, contributed by NUCLIO on 10/10/2018

Did You know that we live in a restless planet? The atmosphere has storms, wind and rain, the ground can shake, mountains throw molten rocks and ash, rivers can swell, sometimes the ocean invades the land… We cannot avoid this type of events, but we can be prepared for them. Have you ever witnessed any event of that kind? Do you think your community is prepared to thrive through such event? In this activity you will be able to discover this and provide a very important contribution to your community, and maybe to others in different islands. Make your work worth for your local and global world!

Keywords: Natural disaster, community
Learning Objectives: Awareness regarding local and global issues / 21st skills / ICT experience / science research in classroom / work with and for the community
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Languages: English
Students age group: 9 - 12, 12 - 15, 15 - 18
Subject domain: Science, Environmental Education, Climate, Energy, Environment, Environmental protection, Geography and Earth Science, Geography, Earth science
# of students participating: Teacher's choice
Updated on: 10.10.2018


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