Let's get Digital studying Eartquakes
Hosted by OSOS, contributed by Afroditi Michailidi on 30/07/2020

Based on the Schools Study Earthquakes Accelator students learn about earthquakes (what they are, how they occur, what impact they may have). They use data from the Network of School Seismographs and present them in clear and consise ways. The students then proceed to learn about safety measures and precautions before, during and after an earthquake and create posters and videos for informing the greater school community, using ICT tools. 

Keywords: earthquakes, ICT
Learning Objectives: 1.learn about earthquakes 2.understand how knowing and applying precautionary safety measures can save lives in the event of an earthquake 4research,collaborate and present their work using ICT
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Languages: English
Students age group: 12 - 15, 15 - 18
Subject domain:
# of students participating: a class of up to 25 students in groups of 4-5
Updated on: 30.07.2020


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