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Knights for Road Safety – KROS
Hosted by OSOS, contributed by Nikos Zygouritsas on 02/12/2019

KROS proposes the use of innovative resources provided from different stakeholders (open content) through a project-based multidisciplinary approach (open pedagogy) that requires extended collaboration and networking between schools and different stakeholders (open collaboration) who can bring significant expertise in the design and implementation of the proposed activities. In this framework a strategic partnership of Road Safety Experts, Pedagogues and Curriculum Developers, Local Authorities, Advanced Educational Applications Developers and schools are joining forces to design, develop and validate an innovative professional development program for teachers.
Training is best done in schools by teachers who have themselves been trained in the safety issues relevant to children and achieve effective integration of road safety principles into the school curriculum. KROS is based on the use engaging presentation forms to attract the whole community of teachers, students and parents within each school.

KROS is introducing cutting edge technologies in order to accompany the retention of information regarding the subject of road safety. More in particular the project uses Virtual Reality technologies so as to firstly introduce attractiveness in the learning process and secondly to improve the quality of the delivery channels of the content to be taught.
KROS will help strengthen the profile of the teaching profession by offering a multidisciplinary approach for the introduction of road safety in the school curriculum. The project wishes to support activities that implement best practices and tools for professionals working with and for children in communicating in a way adapted to their age and stages of development and thus improve the quality of teaching and learning in the classroom while endorsing innovative methods and digital integration in teaching technology and innovation. Students become familiar with Road Safety, mainly through hands-on experimentation. This educational approach promotes inquiry, creativity and collaborative learning.

RRI Principles
One of the key aspects of OSOS is the inclusion of RRI - Responsible Research and Innovation principles in innovative pedagogical practices. RRI principles are addressed in the "KROS” accelerator:


KROS offers an inclusive and creative approach to science education, one that offers the opportunity to rethink and remodel the field by achieving changes at the policy level as well. The participating Road Safety and Motor Institutes in Greece and Poland have strong connections with the local Policy Makers.     

Public engagement

KROS, given that it was conceived as a partnership between various educational and road safety stakeholders (namely schools in Greece (Ellinogermaniki Agogi), Spain (Confederation of Education and Training Centers) and Austria (BG&BRG Schwechat), the Road Safety Institute “Panos Mylonas” from Greece, the Motor Transport Institute from Poland and the Dublin Trinity College), promotes public engagement and wishes to incorporate school projects that involve the local community, local stakeholders and especially parents         

Gender equality

A range of KROS activities address the issue of gender equity in science, especially in tackling the image of the “male driver” 

Science Education

The KROS accelerator supports students in developing their problem-solving skills and in participating in important science inquiry activities, as they are asked to place themselves in the shoes of adult drivers, engineers, physicists, road safety experts, etc. 


The KROS approach address issues such as the role of science in society and strives to change the image and misconception by delivering school projects that bring Drive Safety in primary education and secondary education. A number of activities tackle major ethical issues through innovative hands-on experiments during standard curriculum STEM subjects in Physics, Mathematics and Technology.  

Open Access

This accelerator promotes the use of open online content, tools and software in an effort to reach as further as possible by spreading the message of safe driving. 

Stakeholders Participation
The accelerator offers an excellent opportunity to attempt to turn the school in to a hub for scientific knowledge transfer. In particular, schools with the support from local stakeholders, such as the participating Road Safety Institutes, could organise events in which the students assume the role of experts informing the public on Road Safety guidelines and latest technologies and busting myths around driving that effect the behavior of drivers of all ages. Projects that are being created from this accelerator could focus on guiding students in becoming Road Safety Experts themselves, designing and organising such an event or campaign


Keywords: teachers’ pedagogical practice, creativity, hands-on methodology
Learning Objectives: Development of positive attitudes towards science, exposure to scientific phenomena, understanding of scientific concepts, use of scientifically informed language, development of scientific thinking based on Road Safety paradigms
Rating: 5/5
Views: 2508
Languages: English
Students age group: 6 - 9, 9 - 12, 12 - 15, 15 - 18
Subject domain: Mathematics, Science, ICT, Engineering, Technology
# of students participating: 500
Updated on: 03.12.2019


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